Saturday, March 26, 2011

Days 14 & 15

Hello all, sorry for the late post today and missing yesterdays. I am well and safe in Silver City, NM. We got here last night and I stayed in a hotel here in town. Jerry, Lindsay and Joe went on down the road about 5 miles to a campground for the night. We crossed the border yesterday into New Mexico and I crossed the Continental divide. The riding the past few days has been long and hard. On Monday we rode in the rain all day long. It was nice to get a hot meal, shower and bed to sleep in, thank you Bob and Donna it was nice meeting you and getting to share some stories.

Friday we rode about 67 miles from our camp Thursday night to Silver City, today I rode 5 miles to meet up with Jerry, Lindsay and Joe and to camp with them tonight so we can continue riding together to Caballo, NM. From where we are today it is about 70 miles ride to Caballo with one mountain pass in our way. I am not sure if we will make it all in one day or two. That is why we decided to stop here in Silver City for 2 nights to rest up and stock up for the ride to Caballo. Over all I have ridden 678 miles since I started 2 weeks ago in San Diego.

Hope all is well with everyone.


Made it to New Mexico and crossed the Continental Divide!

Todays campsite.

Todays campsite.

Todays ride.

Todays ride.

Fridays ride.

Fridays ride again.

Fridays stay at the hotel in Silver City, NM

Silver City, NM again

The ride ahead to Caballo, NM

The terrain to Caballo, NM

Road map to Caballo, NM

My trip so far.

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  1. Hello Jochen,
    Last week, we are the first Time this year, driven by bicycle. It was 16 miles to the nearest beer garden.
    We often think of you.
    Greetings Margret and Franz