Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 8

Hello from Phoenix. Today I rode 51 miles from Wickenburg AZ to Phoenix, AZ. I am glad to be here in Phoenix for 2 nights so I can rest up, do some shopping and plan for the next couple days rides ahead. I mentioned last night that I was riding with a group, I forgot to mention their names, Jerry, Lindsay and Joe have been riding with me since Palo Verde. Lindsay was able to find a place for us to stay for free, where we are staying at I have been able to get my bike worked on. I had some trouble with one of my derailleurs, it is nice to know that people are willing to help each other out like this. I will keep riding with Jerry, Lindsay and Joe until we change directions in New Mexico along I-25. I hope to get some photos email to Tim so he can put them up here for you all to see and enjoy. Thank you everyone for your comments, I miss you all very much. Jochen

Todays check in location.

Todays route.

Todays route with terrain.

My route so far (386 miles)

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  1. Hi Jochen,

    best regards from Beate, Ella and Stefan!
    We are reading your blog every day. Good luck for you!!!