Sunday, March 13, 2011

1st Day Of The Trip

Today I got started on my trip. I got an early start out of San Diego and I was able to stay on city trails to get out of town for most of the morning. I had a slight little problem with my bikes pedals. I had to stop and wait at a local Sports Authority to get new pedals for my bike. Once I got that taken care of the ride went pretty smooth from San Diego to Apline Valley where I made camp for the first time. The ride to Alpine Valley was mostly uphill. I got into camp around 4 today and I hope to have a good nights rest and that tomorrows ride goes better.


This image shows where I started in San Diego and where I finished for the night out side of Alpine Valley CA.

The photo above shows the terrain that I rode into today.

This map shows the terrain in a bit more detail.

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  1. Hi Dad-
    Glad to hear you are having fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures - I like seeing where you have been. Hope the next day is all down hill and not too hot.
    Take care - Love Eva