Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Little Update!

Hello everyone.

Sorry for it being so long since my last update.  So here is what I have been up to recently.  Tonight I am in Selma, Alabama.  Todays ride I had a tail wind for once, which makes riding a lot easier.  Today I rode from Demopolis 49 miles.  Along the way I stopped to fix my shoe and a gentleman stopped to see if I need any help, I told him that I was ok and didn't need any help.  We got to talking and I asked if he knew where I could get a Alabama road map, since I had been having a hard time locating one.  He told me to wait where I was and he would be back in 5 minutes.  He came back and gave me a road map for both Alabama and Georgia.  I was glad that I stopped when and where I did because I can now plan my ride easier.  The ride so far has been fun, but I have had to ride a few days in the rain.  Last Saturday I was in Tallulah and when I woke up on Sunday there was 2" of rain predicted.  So I decided to stay in Tallulah for the day and ride on to Vicksburg on Monday instead.  I have enjoyed some good food as well on my ride, which is helping me keep some weight on.  I have added a few photos of me from Tallulah and a few maps of my ride this update.  Tomorrow I will either ride to Montgomery and take a day off or I will stay here in Selma and not ride.  I haven't decided yet.

So far I have ridden about 400 miles.

Hope all is well.


Todays ride

My ride so far.