Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Little Update!

Hello everyone.

Sorry for it being so long since my last update.  So here is what I have been up to recently.  Tonight I am in Selma, Alabama.  Todays ride I had a tail wind for once, which makes riding a lot easier.  Today I rode from Demopolis 49 miles.  Along the way I stopped to fix my shoe and a gentleman stopped to see if I need any help, I told him that I was ok and didn't need any help.  We got to talking and I asked if he knew where I could get a Alabama road map, since I had been having a hard time locating one.  He told me to wait where I was and he would be back in 5 minutes.  He came back and gave me a road map for both Alabama and Georgia.  I was glad that I stopped when and where I did because I can now plan my ride easier.  The ride so far has been fun, but I have had to ride a few days in the rain.  Last Saturday I was in Tallulah and when I woke up on Sunday there was 2" of rain predicted.  So I decided to stay in Tallulah for the day and ride on to Vicksburg on Monday instead.  I have enjoyed some good food as well on my ride, which is helping me keep some weight on.  I have added a few photos of me from Tallulah and a few maps of my ride this update.  Tomorrow I will either ride to Montgomery and take a day off or I will stay here in Selma and not ride.  I haven't decided yet.

So far I have ridden about 400 miles.

Hope all is well.


Todays ride

My ride so far.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Ride Continues!

So I decided to continue on my cross country bicycle trip.  After I got back and relaxed last year I realized just how much I wanted to go and finish it.  So I left Denver on Monday September 24 and started heading for Shreveport Louisiana.  I got to Shreveport on Wednesday after 3 days of driving, and started my ride on Thursday.  I rode from outside of Shreveport to Ruston, LA today a nice little 66 mile ride to start off.  I was told today at the campsite that I need to watch out for Red Ant hills.  I am looking forward to finishing my ride.  

 Tim and I, the day I left Denver.  He will be leaving for Antarctica again while I am riding my bike.  I will see him again in March when he gets back.  He has his on blog about his time in Antarctica and if you would like to follow him, just search for Turf in Antarctica and it should come up.  He tells me that when I finish my ride,  he and his friends will toast a few cold beers for me.

My stops from Denver driving and ride so far.

Thursday September 27 ride.