Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 33

Hello all from Shreveport, LA. Todays ride was uneventful for being my last day riding. I rode about 67 miles today to get to my hotel for the next 2 nights. The weather was cooler and cloudy today which made for a nice ride. I got into Shreveport about 3 this afternoon, checked in my hotel and went to the UPS store to look into shipping my bike back to Colorado. They didn't have a box for me today but should have one tomorrow. Todays ride was sad for me but happy at the same time. I never thought that I would get this far, I am glad that I attempted to ride from coast to coast. I will remember this trip for a long time. I am excited to get back home and see my family again, but I am extremely excited to be able to see and hold my new granddaughter Orly. Thank you again to everyone who helped me along my way getting me here to Shreveport. I hope that next year I can try to finish off what I started and make it to the Atlantic Ocean.

Till next time, Jochen

My ending point of my ride, Shreveport, LA

Todays ride to Shreveport. LA (67 Miles)
My ride from California (1633 miles)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 32

Hello from Gladewater, TX. Today I rode about 57 miles. Tomorrow I will ride to Shreveport, LA. I have decided that I have ridden long enough and will be coming home. The past 1568 miles has become increasingly harder on me with each day. Finding a place to camp, take care of dinner, sleep, eat breakfast and tear down camp takes a lot of time and I am tired. I will ship my bike home from Shreveport and fly home on Saturday. Thank you all for all the support and encouragement you have given me. I look forward to putting more pictures up on the blog and telling everyone all about my trip.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Gladewater, TX

Todays ride

Tomorrow ride to Shreveport (65 miles)

My trip so far (1568 miles)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 31

Hello all from Emory, TX. Todays ride was about 55 miles and the wind and weather were in my favor today. It is nice when you don't have to fight the wind while riding your bike. There was a storm that came through the area on Saturday and I saw a lot of tree damage from the storm but no damage to any homes. Tonight I am camping here in Emory but there is no bathroom to use so I need to go to the Dairy Queen here in town to use the bath room. I enjoyed my time with Antje and Don and I was glad that I could catch up with them and to get some good home cooked food again. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Gladewater, TX about 56 miles from here.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Emory, TX

My ride today (55 miles ridden, 56 tomorrow to Gladewater)

My ride so far 1511 miles

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 30

Hello from Princeton, TX. Tonight I am at my friends Antje and Don's house. It has been many years since I have seen them, but it is nice to catch up after all these years. I got here just in time for a birthday party where I got some good food to eat. It is nice to be able to relax for 2 days and know that I don't have anywhere I have to be. Todays ride of 42 miles was very windy. I will be glad when the wind dies and makes my ride much easier. On Tuesday I will start riding toward Emory, TX about 55 miles from here. I hope to make it to Shreveport, LA in 4-5 days of riding. It is hard to believe that I have ridden over 1400 miles since I started my trip. I was hoping to get to I-25 and I did, getting to Princeton puts me even closer to my goal of the Atlantic coast.

Till Tuesday, Jochen

Todays ride from Denton to Princeton. TX (42 miles)

An idea of my next couple days of riding (Emory 55 miles, Gladewater 56 miles, Marshall 35 miles, Shreveport. LA 41 miles)

My trip since Phoenix (1061 miles)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 29

Hello from Denton, TX. Todays ride was still very windy, but I was able to get into town a little after 12. I found a motel room for the night and am relaxing for the night. Tomorrow I will ride to Princeton, TX about 40 miles away to visit some old friends of mine from my day in Dallas, Antje and Don Mowell. I will stay with them for 2 nights and leave on Tuesday for Shreveport, LA 220 miles away from Denton. I hope to make it to Shreveport in about 4 days riding.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Denton, TX for the night

Todays ride from Bridgeport (37 miles)

Tomorrow I will head for Princeton, TX 40 miles away and than onto Shreveport 180 miles

My trip from San Diego (1414 Miles ridden)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 28

Hello all from Bridgeport, TX. Todays ride was very hilly, lots of ups and downs and windy. At times the wind was at my back but most of the time it was coming from the south and east. I rode 55 miles today and 1377 since the beginning of my trip. Tomorrows ride to Denton, TX should only be about 39 miles. A nice short ride for how hot the past few days have been. Last night in Graham it was very hot and muggy and I did not sleep very well in my tent. Tonight I am staying in a motel. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my trip. I have been able to read some of them and it has made my day.

Till next time Jochen.

Bridgeport, TX tonight Denton, TX tomorrow

Todays ride (55 Miles)

My trip from San Diego (1377 miles)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 27

Hello from Graham, TX. I decided to go on ahead to Graham instead of stopping for the day in Throckmorton. Todays ride was just over 73 miles. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Bridgeport, TX about 55 miles away and than Denton, TX on Saturday.

Till tomorrow Jochen.

Tonights campsite in Graham, TX

Todays ride from Haskell, TX

Tomorrow I am riding to Bridgeport, TX

A little better idea where I am in Texas.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 26

Hello all from Haskell, TX. Todays ride was 55 miles and hilly but I had a tail wind most of the way. It is starting to get hot, into the 90's today and tomorrow. Depending on how hot it is tomorrow I will stop in Throckmorton only about 33 miles away or I will continue on to Graham, TX a little over 70 miles away. I was able to e-mail some more photos for your enjoyment.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Today I am in Haskell, TX

Tomorrows ride to Throckmorton

My ride since Phoenix (855 miles, 1250 overall)

My ride since Roswell (297 miles)

On top of Emory Pass, NM

Emory Pass

Emory Pass

Made it to Texas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 25

Hello all from Jayton, TX. Today I rode just over 54 miles, most of it was easy going with the wind at my back. When I have the tail wind I am at times getting up to 25 miles per hour. On todays ride I stopped and talked with a man who is travelling from the west coast to the east coast via covered wagon pulled by mules. I found out that Gene is averaging about 16 miles per day and has a traveling companion with him, his dog. When I got to Jayton I asked about a campground, but there wasn't one near by with a bathroom. I asked if there was anywhere else I could stop and I was told that I could camp in the city park by the sheriff. So I am camping in Jayton's city park tonight. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Haskell, TX and stay in a motel so I can get a warm shower and clean up a bit.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Tonight in Jayton, TX

My campsite in Jayton's city park

My ride today

Todays terrain

Tomorrows ride to Haskel (54 Miles)

Tomorrows terrain to Haskell, TX

800 miles ridden since Phoenix

My ride so far from San Diego (1195 miles)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 24

Hello all, tonight I am in Post, TX. Todays ride of 52 miles went well, I had to deal with some wind from the north till I stopped for lunch, after that it wasn't that bad for the rest of the ride though the temperature is a bit cool right now. I am camping tonight at an RV campground. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Jayton, TX about 53 miles away.

Till than, Jochen.

Tonights campsite

Post, TX

Todays ride

Todays terrain

Tomorrows ride

Tomorrows terrain

My ride so far (1140 Miles)

My ride since Phoenix (745 Miles)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A few more photos

I got these photos from Blaise who rode with dad for a few days after his stay in Phoenix. Dad met Blaise through To let you know what is, it is an online community of cyclists that have opened up their homes to other cyclists all over the world. Blaise was kind of enough to help dad out and work on his bike for him to help out on his ride. Blaise rode on a fixed/brakeless bike pulling a trailer full of his gear while he rode with dad, Jerry, Lindsay and Joe. If you haven't already you should check out his blog and read about his adventures riding his bike and his time with dad. Thank you again Blaise if you are reading this for all your help with hosting dad, helping him with his bike and getting him the message about Orly being born.