Friday, April 1, 2011

A little more background about the trip

Since dad is in Roswell, NM today and I wanted to add a little to the blog about how dad got ready for his trip. Some of you who have read about dad's journey may or may not know that my Brother-in-law Matt has actually ridden cross country twice when he was young. He has done both the Northern and Southern tiers. While dad was getting ready he asked Matt many a questions about where to go, what to bring, what to do to his bike to get it ready and so on. I know that dad is truly thankful for all of Matts assistance, as are the rest of the Schunck family. I can say for myself knowing someone who has done this trip before helping dad out eased my concerns about dad going out on his trip alone. I have added 2 photos that Matt has e-mailed me from his trip of the Southern Tier with his sister Karyn when the were younger. I hope that dad is able to get some more photos e-mailed to me so that I can add his to these this weekend.


Matt on top of Emory Pass, NM

Karyn on top of Emory Pass, NM

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  1. Hello Jochen,
    we are following your trip with great curiosity and wish you a good rest day on Sunday which you've earned with all the mountain stages.
    Love Margret and Franz