Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 23

Hello from Brownfield, TX. Today was quite the day, I finished riding through New Mexico and finished state #3, I crossed into a new time zone, now I am on Central, and I had a tail wind helping me along on my 63 miles today. Since I decided to skip my off day in Roswell to try to beat this wind I went to Wal-Mart today to do some shopping. I asked for some directions and I end up getting a free ride to Wal-Mart and back to my motel for the night. I keep getting help where ever I go on this ride, the kindness of people amazes me. I will try to pay forward all the generosity when I return home. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Post, TX about 54 miles away. Tuesday I hope to make it to Jayton, TX about 53 miles from Post, TX. Wednesday I hope to make it to Haskell, TX about 54 miles from Jayton. Thursday I hope to make it to Throckmorton, TX about 32.5 miles from Haskell. Friday I hope to get to Graham, TX about 38 miles, Saturday Bridgeport another 55 miles and Sunday 39 miles to Denton, TX. Here is hoping that in a week I will be in Denton and have added and additional 325.5 miles to the 1088 I have already ridden. I hope that both the wind and weather will allow me to make my goal. I am hoping that it is not as hot as a couple of days last week were.

Till next time, Jochen

Todays motel

Brownfield, TX

Todays ride

Todays terrain

Tomorrows ride

Tomorrows terrain

Trip so far, 1088 miles ridden

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