Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 25

Hello all from Jayton, TX. Today I rode just over 54 miles, most of it was easy going with the wind at my back. When I have the tail wind I am at times getting up to 25 miles per hour. On todays ride I stopped and talked with a man who is travelling from the west coast to the east coast via covered wagon pulled by mules. I found out that Gene is averaging about 16 miles per day and has a traveling companion with him, his dog. When I got to Jayton I asked about a campground, but there wasn't one near by with a bathroom. I asked if there was anywhere else I could stop and I was told that I could camp in the city park by the sheriff. So I am camping in Jayton's city park tonight. Tomorrow I hope to make it to Haskell, TX and stay in a motel so I can get a warm shower and clean up a bit.

Till tomorrow, Jochen

Tonight in Jayton, TX

My campsite in Jayton's city park

My ride today

Todays terrain

Tomorrows ride to Haskel (54 Miles)

Tomorrows terrain to Haskell, TX

800 miles ridden since Phoenix

My ride so far from San Diego (1195 miles)

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