Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day Off!

Well today has been my first day of real rest my whole trip. It feels good to be able to relax, take a shower, do some laundry and some shopping. Thank you to Blaise for allowing me to use his computer so I could e-mail some photos home of my trip so far if you get a chance you should take a look at his blog and see a few of his rides, Tomorrow the ride continues east toward New Mexico.


My bike fully loaded in San Diego.

Outside of Alpine, CA day 1.

First nights Camp site.

Stopping for lunch day 2.

Day 2.

This is Bubba, he is the organizer of the first group of riders i rode with.

A little bit of elevation.

The border, didn't bring my passport with, if I do I guess I could cross.

Not much to look at on this ride.

A shady camp site.

A little green.

Jerry, Lindsay and Joe

Gotta be safe.

Relaxing with Joe, Lindsay and Blaise in Phoenix.

(Hello everyone, well today marks an eventful day for our family. Dad had a day off from riding and Joan had her baby girl today. Orleans Hedwig Pocernich was born at 7:22 pm and came in at 20", 7 lbs 11oz. So if you might see or speak to our dad give a big congratulations and let him know that he needs to add another name to the next postcard he writes to Andy. I hope you all like tonights update with the photos, I am glad that something other than maps are going up. Till next time, Tim)


  1. Congratulations!! Joan, Matt, Andy, Oma and OPA!! So very happy for you all....

    Your photos and commentary are terrific and thoroughly safe and keep on 'truckin'......

  2. P.S. Great looking tee shirt you're wearing!!!

  3. Hallo Jochen!

    ich habe von deinem Schwager von deiner Tour gehört und er hat mir dein Blog gemailt. Also großen Respeckt von deinem Vorhaben und große Gratulation!

    Ich wünsche dir noch sehr viel Erfolg auf deiner Tour de USA! Dass du viele nette Leute kennen lernst und viele schöne Eindrücke sammelst!

    Viele leibe Grüße von uns allen aus dem Schwarzwald

    Christoph und Susi Koch