Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 2

Hello all, today I rode from Alpine Valley to about 20 miles east of Pine Valley CA. Todays ride was mostly uphill and at times I needed to get off my bike and push it up some of the hills. While I was camping last night I met a group of people who are also riding their bikes across the US as well. From talking with them, I have decided that I will try to ride with them for a while since we are all going in the same direction for now. They plan on going to Tucson Arizona but I don't think that I will be going that direction. So I shall see how long we will ride together. Last night I got a little cold sleeping in the tent, but with the current time of the year and altitude I am at I don't think that I will be cold much longer as I ride further east and drop in elevation. I enjoyed a chicken sandwich and a chocolate shake for lunch today in Pine Valley. I am having a good time so far. Hope all is well with everyone.


This is where I checked in for tonight 3/13/2010

The three markers are where I have stayed so far on my trip.

(I am so sorry to everyone who may have tried to post a comment for my dad to read. I did not realize till today that I needed to change the settings for the comments so that you do not have to create a G-Mail ID to be able to post on this blog. I have since changed it so now you can post through the comment section and select the ID/URL line and just input your name. Also with dad's GPS transmitter I can set up on his account to notify you via your cell phone of e-mail account. If you would like me to add you to this feature please let me know at I hope you are enjoying this blog for my dads trip as much as I am putting it all together. Tim Schunck)

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