Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 12 & 13

Hello all, tonight I am camping along highway 78 in Arizona. Todays ride from Thatcher, AZ to my camp was about 52 miles. We decided to go north today so that we will go through Silver City instead of Lardsburg to get to I-25. Tomorrow we hope to get to Silver City about 66 miles from where we are at now. I want to give a little update from Tuesday and Wednesdays rides. Like Tim said previously on Tuesday we rode about 75 miles to get east of Globe, AZ and on Wednesday we rode about 41 miles to Thatcher, AZ. Overall I have ridden about 604 miles. My location for Tuesday night did not go out on my GPS so Tim does not have a map location to show you exactly where we stopped for the night.

Wednesday nights stopping point.

Thatcher, AZ

Todays finish.

Todays finish again.

A map of my travels this week.

My trip so far.

Tomorrows ride.

Tomorrows ride.

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  1. Hi Jochen,

    we see you enjoy your trip, it sounds great!
    Congratulation on becoming a grandpa again :) .
    Hope you all are doing all right.

    Best regards from Germany
    Anna and family