Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 17

Hello all, today Jerry, Lindsay and Joe went on their way south to El Paso, TX and I headed north to San Antonio, NM. We said our goodbyes this morning, it was sad to see my new friends go the opposite way that I was going. I am glad to have met them and gotten a chance to ride with them and gotten to know them. I hope that I might be able to find another group to ride with. After yesterdays long ride from Silver City to Caballo, NM over 80 miles going over Emory Pass at over 8300 feet, I am glad that I only got 60 miles in today to get to my camp tonight. Tonight I am right off the highway camping under a radio tower. I finally got my cell phone to work and was able to call home and check in with Nancy and Tim and I also got to talk with Joan and Eva tonight as well. Tomorrow I hope to get to Carrizozo, NM, but that is an 88 mile ride, Bingham, NM is 52 miles away. So far I have ridden 797 miles. I am excited to have made it this far and I hope that I can get into Texas without any problems. I have sent home some items that I realized I didn't need, but will be buying a few things from Wal-Mart when I can find one that I do need. Hope all is well with everyone, I am excited to hear that more people are reading about my trip each day and the comments keep me going. Thank you to all who have cheered me on the past 2 weeks. I look forward to getting home to share more stories and photos of my trip,


Tonights camp.

Tonights camp again (you can see the shadow of the radio tower)

Todays ride.

Todays ride again.

Tomorrows ride.

The trip so far.

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  1. Glad to hear your time with new friends was to see pictures of the terrain your encountering....I think its amazing your able to sleep on
    a camping mat each nite...I figured for me to ride 60 miles a would be like going to Stanwood and back 10 times....
    God be with you Jochen...our love to you...Ginger and Charlie