Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 4

Hello all. Sorry that I was not able to give an update yesterday for the blog. It was a long hot ride for me. I am doing well and have met many people along the way. Tonight I am in Brawley, California. Today's ride was a short one, only 14 miles. I decided to stop here for the night to get a hotel room so that I could get an early start tomorrow morning. I have a long ride ahead of me, from here I will ride 30 miles to Glamis, California than an additional 41 miles to Palo Verde, California. I met a wonderful couple Robin and Hugh who kindly took this photo of me. My first official photo of my trip. Thank you very much again for taking it. I split with the group I was riding with at Live Oak Springs, California yesterday. It was nice to be able to ride with someone for a while. Everything is going well, I am getting a routine down everyday I ride which makes it a lot easier to set up camp and to take down as well. Till next time.


(Hi everyone I have added a few maps tonight for my dad's trip. I hope the map showing Brawley and Palo Verde give you a good idea of the terrain he is riding in tomorrow. Thank you very much to Robin and Hugh for sending us the photo. I am glad to get one of him out on his ride. Tim)
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  1. That ride tomorrow looks a little hairy - no trees!

  2. Enjoying tuning in daily to your travel odyssey as it unfolds...thanks for taking me along.....you take good care, mcvey